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In the nightmarish post-grunge landscape, the bands touting radio-ready singles were king and those still riding Nirvana's coattails were simply cannon fodder for the club circuit. Tennessee rockers Fuel were (and remain) one of the only bands to emerge from this particularly bleak period of music and achieve commercial success while still retaining a sense of vitality. Its debut album, 1998's "Sunburn," launched massive singles like "Shimmer" and "Jesus or a Gun," and its follow-up, 2000's "Something like Human," spawned its biggest hit to date, "Hemorrhage (In my Hands)." Beyond the radio longevity, Fuel has stood the test of time as a band that escaped an era of artistic miasma without losing themselves in the process.

Fuel will play on Saturday, July 8, at the German House, 315 Gregory Street. 6 p.m. $20-$25.;