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"One More Medicine Show"


Anonymous Willpower

"One More Medicine Show"


Anonymous Willpower knows how to put on a show. And that's just what the band did in the studio recording this, its shiny new disc, "One More Medicine Show." The band brought the horny heat and simply pressed "record." That's not to take away from Don Anonymous' expert production and knob-twiddling. The song writing is vast and varied, showcasing the band's appreciation of any and all music that has any amount of shake appeal and soul.

Scintillating singer Suzie Willpower positively oozes sex appeal and swerve. She satisfies, but you still want more.  "One More Medicine Show" is predominantly an R&B affair with forays into Bowie-esque burlesques like "No Room"; Sunday salvation (Reverend Cleophus style) on "Multiply"; and Saturday night heartbreak with "Bring It Home," penned by the late soul-sender and friend Sam LaCara of the Earl Cram Revue. Heaven? Hip-shake? Soul? What more could you want out of a record? Seriously.