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ALBUM REVIEW: "Yellow Brick Road"



The Achievers

"Yellow Brick Road"


The goal of those who pursue their dreams is to eventually reach that magical destination.  Hip-hop trio The Achievers takes important steps on its journey with the debut EP, "Yellow Brick Road." Produced by Joi "Stewdiopheen" Wynn, the five songs are a collaboration between local artists who each, like characters in "The Wiz," exude a irreplaceable vibe: Vicke Vyto likes word play; JBain DaStar brings a party; and Ashley Nicole is there to smooth things over among the two rappers. "Yellow Brick Road" is as much a statement of the way the trio clicks together as it is a showcase for each individual's skills.

Over straight-forward synthesized beats, vocal processing, and a few live instruments to keep it fresh, each Achiever has a signature song, and there's a couple of tunes featuring all three taking turns on the microphone, like on the robust opener "Only Room for One." Other tracks, like "Mirror Mirror," include divine vocal arrangements, and "Me & I" is built around the chords of a percussive organ. Overall, "Yellow Brick Road" is a dope debut. It would just be spiteful to dislike The Achievers.

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