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Album review: 'What I Think the Sky Sounds Like'



"What I Think the Sky Sounds Like"


Enjoying music sans melody or without a tangible, discernable progression is a stretch. But composing a piece in which the melody is simply implied is even tougher. It's an art to be sure. Most instrumental music you hear sets forth a thought, a discussion within the listener's head like a sort of reverse diatribe that when said out loud becomes the truth (or at least something like the truth). It's as if one of the instruments is the listener's own mind.

Rochester's SpaceKase has just released "What I Think the Sky Sounds Like," an album full of layered droning that lets fly with a mighty ebb and flow that grandly compensates for any lack of melody. Now where the album is made up of seven atmospheric, picturesque extrapolated pieces, the individual titles present some suggestive clarity, starting with the album's title itself. Musically, the album is hypnotic and languid. It can be a tad bewildering, but beautiful all the same. It's a sonic journey; wherever it takes you is up to you.