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Album review: 'Volume 1'


The English Project

"Volume 1"


Drummer and bandleader Chris "Hollywood" English is a shepherd with his flock playing on ice. It's a casual, nonchalant affair all over "Volume 1," by English's new band, The English Project. "Volume 1" is funky on the mellow side and mellow on the funky side. It's seven slices of mostly instrumental joy.

Becoming known for its extrapolated jams, The English Project doesn't immediately abandon the map, though it's definitely been set on fire. Spin this record in the search for favorites and you may land on track no. 1, "Four Finger Discount," with its lowdown and dirty groove. Or it might be the track "Good to Know," with guest emcee MdotCoop letting fly with his lyrical wizardry.

"Volume 1" is a fine record, although it reaches its altitude rather quickly and stays there for the duration. There is a variety of guests that keep things fresh, but the album lacks a little dimension, which the band is more than capable of achieving. Perhaps I'm biased, with AudioInFlux, when it had English on drums, playing in my head. Regardless, don't panic. There may be variety just around the corner: The English Project is already working on "Volume 2."