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Album review: 'Unsubscribe'





Originally formed in 2014 while vocalist Pat Mulligan and lead guitarist Zach Coffey were attending SUNY Fredonia, local hardcore band Diluted is now a full-fledged quintet. Diluted's third official EP, "Unsubscribe," features its new drummer, Tyler Creller, and the music seems to palpitate with the same animalistic rage that the band exhibits on stage.

"Cardi B Hall" goes full throttle from start to finish, Mulligan's well-articulated lyrics shifting from harsh to sung vocals with wild attitude. "Motherboard Theresa" reveals a slightly less aggressive side to the band, featuring a languid piano melody about two-thirds through that dissolves into a pixelated void, while "Elon Muscimol" unleashes a thunderous rampage. Diluted's new EP leaves the listener both energized and pissed off at the same time.