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ALBUM REVIEW: "Unlikely Soldiers"



"Unlikely Soldiers"

Carbon Records

I've had enough cassette tapes come across my desk lately that it ceases to be odd anymore. But of all the bands to embrace this retro coolness, Muler beats them all out with a pink cassette of its latest project, "Unlikely Soldiers." Despite the effete packaging this disc — er, cassette is powerful and yielding like a shadow boxer in free fall.

Muler has been flying the indie flag since the 1980's. This is classic indie rock like mom — or bands like Guided By Voices — used to make. Recorded at More Sound Studios in Syracuse, "Unlikely Soldiers" exhibits melodic maturity that doesn't push or try, it just is what it is: a unique stab at alt-rock from a mindset that made the style a renegade sound in the first place.