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Album review: 'Under the Spell'


Roses & Revolutions

'Under the Spell'

Nettwerk Records

In a splash of atmospheric vocals, Roses & Revolutions arrives with its new six-song, digital EP, “Under the Spell.” It’s a beaut; the Rochester duo of Alyssa Coco and Matt Merritt doesn’t waste any time getting down to it.

The title track kicks things off with a deliberate study in dichotomy between its instrumental largesse and its vocal fragility. Never have I heard something so heavy and delicate, simultaneously.

The cut that follows, “Dancing in a Daydream,” sounds like a choir performing in zero gravity. And that’s where the wow factor comes in, centered around Coco, who moves effortlessly with a breathy delivery. It hits like a velvet hammer. The same goes for “Looking Glass,” with its rare rhythmic drive (for this band, anyway). As a collection, “Under the Spell” is seduction realized; it’s love where lonely used to be.

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