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ALBUM REVIEW: "Trade Winds: Cuba"


Matt Geraghty Project

"Trade Winds: Cuba"


Bassist Matt Geraghty takes the concept of world music literally. Over his career, he has traveled to four continents, exploring the music of diverse cultures in his recordings. For his latest CD, "Trade Winds: Cuba," he traveled to Cuba and spent 21 days recording 21 improvisations with a wildly eclectic variety of musicians, ranging from top recording artists to street players. (The trip was filmed by Laura Newman and all of the footage is on YouTube.) Geraghty's key partner in this endeavor was producer, recording and mixing engineer, and superb saxophonist and flutist Zé Luis Oliveira.

The variety of instruments, arrangements, rhythms, and moods from track to track take the listener on a wonderfully evocative musical journey. From drum circles to Cuban raps to straight-ahead Afro-Cuban jazz, every one of the improvisations is engaging. Still, some cuts rise above the excellent standard. Highlights include the infectious vocals and flute on "Cactus Flower," the horn-section-driven "Dry Storm," and "Cracking the Code," a tune on which Geraghty displays his prowess on the electric bass.