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Album review: "Toys"


Burn It Up



Burn It Up burns it down on “Toys,” the band’s new beaucoup bombastic blast of rock ‘n’ roll. I mean, holy shit, the energy on this 10-song album is berserk. The ska lurking within Burn It Up’s previous incarnation, Mrs. Skannotto, has shifted to the afterburner — not an afterthought — among the myriad layers of groove, drive, and trippy tone.

“Toys” opens up with “101,” a rollicking carnival piece that creates car-swallowing craters with the thud of each downbeat, before deconstructing into a succinct, albeit chaotic, breakdown. The track “Affluenza” is a deliciously guitar-driven, hyper-fast dose of ska that pumps, bumps, and jumps like a pogo stick jackhammer.

The production on the drums-in-space arrangement of “Heartbeat” is reminiscent of Van Halen (you heard me) before shifting into a kind of psychedelic dubstep. The horns are excellent and the most consistent character in the drama — and it’s the horns that keep the link between what this band was, is, and what it is becoming.

But let’s not spend time over analyzing this recording. It’s exactly what you’d expect from this world-wise, road-weary band that Rochester is lucky enough to call its own. Done reading? Then go out, pick up a copy, and burn it up.