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ALBUM REVIEW: "Together We Stand Alone"


Rise From Autumn

"Together We Stand Alone"


Here's another one of those tres cool, heavy projects we've come to expect and respect from Lockport producer Doug White at Watchmen Studios. This time around it's the fearsome foursome from Buffalo, Rise From Autumn, and its new EP, "Together We Stand Alone."

This is a relatively young band (forged in February 2014) that comes off seasoned and truly settled in its sound as if it's been at it for years. The tunes are heavy and intense yet not too lethargic or lengthy to prevent lift-off. It's a tight, tight six-song EP with sufficient detours into darkness and melody.

The band doesn't hang on just one groove, instead it opts to stretch its legs and listeners' ears. The vocals seethe appropriately within the songs' ebb, flow, and drive. The guitar work lays down a king-size bed of nails. Think an angrier STP or a happier Queens of the Stone Age — or better yet, simply Rise From Autumn. The band owns this album, its sound, and its energy. It's all theirs, it's all yours.