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ALBUM REVIEW: "Tin Wood Soldier"


Seth Faergolzia & The 23 Psaegz

"Tin Wood Soldier"


I love the idea of anti-folk or freak-folk immensely, but the genre can be a little scary to the timid and unenlightened. Former Dufus member, and eclectic songwriter, Seth Faergolzia advances with The 23 Psaegz, a 14-piece quasi-orchestral ensemble of substantial depth and quirk. Faergolzia moves vocally from rhythmic nonsense — intoned coolly nonetheless on tunes like the opening tracks "Landscaper" and "Water Daughter" to folk anthems a la Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger like "Whenland." The choral treatment on "Look at the Weird" is a beautiful highlight and an invitation to give the whole album repeated spins. A bit weird but ultimately super-cool.