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Album review: 'This Thing is a Bullet'


Kevin Reed

"This Thing is a Bullet"


This thing is an utterly fantastic record, peri-fuckin'-id. OK, maybe I should expand upon that a little. Second-generation rock 'n' roller Kevin Reed (the pride of 5Head frontman Rob Reed's loins) delivers a thoughtfully conceived, beautifully constructed, and brilliantly executed four-song EP with "This Thing is a Bullet." It's powerfully poppy power-pop along the lines of Marshall Crenshaw or a less-cynical Paul Westerberg.

Reed's voice is strident in an antihero kinda way. The guitar is phrased as if it were more lush than it actually is, leaving sweet spots in its wake, along with room for some lyrical quirk. "I miss you driving me up the wall. I miss you driving me up the ceiling," Reed intones on the song "Up the Wall." This is a pop album by definition, but its appeal runs much deeper. A good song is comprised of good lyrics and melody. But there's also that intangible element that shows up unexpectedly. It shows up four times, one for each cut on "This Thing is a Bullet." Go on and dig it, why donchya?