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Album review: 'The Unfortunate Case of Mortis Rocksalt'


Moses Rockwell

'The Unfortunate Case of Mortis Rocksalt'


Heavily influenced by John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme," Rochester rapper Moses Rockwell brings a sophisticated blend of jazz, R&B, and hip-hop in his beats. Rockwell has put out ten albums since 2012, including his latest, "The Unfortunate Case of Mortis Rocksalt," which was released in May.

Rockwell spits rhymes with intelligent flow and charismatic swagger, throwing out poetic references like a well-versed librarian. "The Unfortunate Case of Mortis Rocksalt" is a candid reaction to societal issues through humorous observations of everyday life. You can hear the grin in his voice as Rockwell recites his inner thoughts on "An Old Yarn" and "Beak Down," while his crisp articulation is complemented by atmospheric electronic textures on "Mostly Harmless" and "BOB." "Out to Lunch (Featuring Dezmatic)" and "Ghost Me (Featuring Gary Lamaar)" offer a kaleidoscope of words, turning in and out of each other like interconnected images. Moses Rockwell pulls rhymes from places you didn't know existed.