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Album review: 'The Time: Night'



"The Time: Night"


This here's a dip in odd waters with the Rochester band Sastrugi. This new, five-song EP, "The Time: Night," has a sound reminiscent of the attack of pop guitar coming out of a transistor radio mounted on the handlebars of your banana-seat five-speed — a mood demonstrated on the opening track, "Miasma." The band doesn't waste any time revving it up, though, diving into the fist-pumping punk rock anthem "Lay Him to Rest."

Sastrugi — Sam Snyder, engineer and assorted noise; Matt Treadwell, vocals and guitar; Benton Sillick, bass; and Joe Parker on drums — Frankensteins several other genres in with the combination of the obvious ones. It is never too far from the indie; the car is never too far from the garage; and the foot is never too far from the gas pedal. "The Time: Night" is a bold record, with its vocal vulnerability and Sastrugi's seemingly agitated arrangements, erratic time signatures, and overall restlessness.

The EP isn't weird per se, but it is unique. Some fans are really going to love it, even the ones left scratching their heads. It's approachable and it doesn't care if you can figure it out in its entirety. That's not Sastrugi's intention as far as I can see. Wondrous and wonderful.