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ALBUM REVIEW: "The Televisionaries"


The Televisionaries

"The Televisionaries"

Reel Time Records

Let me tell you about a typical day for me at City Newspaper. With a veritable avalanche of local releases coming in daily, I spend a decent amount of my day spinning submissions for review while downloading celebrity selfies and nip-slips. But I had to take The Televisionaries' bright new record home with me because it was just that: a record, 12-inches of ominous black vinyl, grooved for her pleasure — and City ain't got a turntable. So I got to give this review while dancing around in my underpants (I can't do that at the office anymore). Anyhow... this record is fantastic, full of rapid-fire reverb-soaked pick attack and back-beat thunder. There is an overall abandon and apparent aversion to slower time signatures that you'll surely dig. The band swings wild and reckless. It's as if the wheels could come off at any minute. There are a few sung numbers and helpful liner notes to walk you through what's going on in the trio's head. It's an all-thriller, no-filler, killer-diller fo' sho'.