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Album review: 'The Quest'


Andreas Varady

"The Quest"

Resonance Records

On "Lost Memories," the opening track on "The Quest," guitarist Andreas Varady unleashes a torrent of notes with such urgency, that it's disappointing to hear the tune end after about a minute. Listeners will want a lot more than this enticing prelude, and Varady delivers. He's only 21, but he's been turning jazz-world heads since he was 13. In fact, the liner notes begin with an endorsement by no less a jazz icon (and executive producer) than Quincy Jones.

Aside from his astounding technique, Varady is already an excellent composer (check out the beautiful tune "Story"). Throughout the album, he has solid support from his father, Bandi Varady, on bass; his brother, Adrian Varady, drums; Benito Gonzalez, piano; and Radovan Tariska, saxophone. Gonzalez and Tariska are especially strong on numerous solos, but Varady is a genuine phenomenon every time he takes off on an excursion.