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Album review: 'The Nature of Paper'


Fox 45

“The Nature of Paper”

Self released

Rochester’s Fox 45 released its new album, “The Nature of Paper,” on June 12 and my gawd, this band has grown. On this long-player, the band slugs it out at it’s fighting weight, taking the rudiments found in their earlier work like 2014’s “Gehenna,” 2015’s “Urinal Acid,” or 2016’s "Ashes of Man,” and picking up the pace a bit. Routinely lumped in with bands that travel in slightly more stoner-psych circles, Fox 45 hasn’t forgotten their roots as fans, not just as musicians. In fact they plunged into this thing seven years ago with no pretense, no preening. I mean I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them play “War Pigs” a time or two.

“The Nature of Paper” kicks off with the crack of drummer Casey Learch’s whip on “Psychedelicate,” then makes a sweet segue into “Awake in the Dark,” where the guitar actually swings despite the distortion and energy. From there the band — Learch on drums, Vickie Tee on guitar and vocals, Nick Walter on guitar, and Amanda Rampe on bass and vocals — goes on a sonic journey copping to low slung tempos and grooves. It moves with bravado, balls and purpose but doesn’t detract from the hints of dark and doom.
And the quintet is utterly righteous with the bread they’re making off this platter. Dig: they are splitting all profits 50/50 with their favorite venue, The Bug Jar — the magnificent club on Monroe Avenue has been closed down due to the coronavirus. Fox 45 played its first gig there in 2013 and says the next gig — whenever that may be — will be there as well. Like I said; righteous, utterly righteous. Good gotdamn record, too.