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Album review: 'The Mauve Album'


Passive Aggressives Anonymous

"The Mauve Album"


Passive Aggressives Anonymous's new "The Mauve Album" opens with a Martin Denny-esque, cocktail shift and shuffle of sorts that lulls the listener into an immediate hypnotic willingness. So much so that the album's songs segue smooth and seamlessly with little or no warning. You'll find yourself in the middle of track three, the subtly hilarious "Sex in Space," before you realize how fast the record is moving along.

Tonally speaking, the album is quite consistent in its mellow, exotic beauty. It would qualify to be classified as a study in lounge — sans the clichés — melancholy if it weren't for the wry lyrical humor throughout. The sound is big and comes off even bigger. And the production stays out of the way of itself for the most part, allowing the band's core sound to dominate splendidly. "The Mauve Album" is really just a fine collection of contemporary torch songs that swing and burn passively and aggressively.