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ALBUM REVIEW: "The Devil's Undertow"

Jackson Cavalier and The Fevertones

"The Devil's Undertow"


There's a lot of teeter-totter in our language that has been co-opted by God's people in their all-knowing self-righteousness. Words, incantations, and phrases meant to ask and to answer get twisted into assorted agendas meant to condemn and confuse. On "The Devil's Undertow," Jackson Cavalier and The Fevertones offer the road to redemption as it laments the complexities of the soul.

The sound is tent revival intense, but without the fire and brimstone. It's majestic in its sometimes understated minimalism. It moves in mood from melancholy to old-tyme boogie and stomp. Spin the cut "Charon's Ferry" and you'll hear a funeral dirge and a sea shanty holding hands.

Based in part on Dante's "Inferno," "The Devil's Undertow" doesn't set out to redeem or curse but to rather present a haunting collection of folklore without demands to choose which side you're on. — BY FRANK DE BLASE