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Album review: 'The Derelict Sound'


St. Phillip's Escalator

"The Derelict Sound"


Welcome to the full album experience, where every song is important for what it is as well as where it is in the layout. St. Phillip's Escalator has perfected the process on "The Derelict Sound," not just with its cocksure, Cuban-heeled swagger, voluptuous volume, and sex appeal found in each of the 10 cuts, but in how each track teams up with the others to kick the listener in the head.

The power of this record's psychedelic rock and blues is staggering; the playing is exemplary. Here, the blues is on the edge of destruction, with nods to heavy pioneers like The Amboy Dukes, Blue Cheer, and MC5. But this ain't a throwback: the band is authentic as hell.

At the heart of it all is Ryan Moore's sweet and savage guitar above the thundering shag of the St. Phillip's rhythm section, drummer Zachary Koch and bassist Noel Wilfeard. "The Derelict Sound" doesn't let up from front to back. And that's precisely how it should be listened to. Drop the needle and vacate.

St. Phillip's Escalator will celebrate the release of "The Derelict Sound" three times on Record Store Day, Saturday, April 22. 11 a.m. at The House of Guitars, 645 Titus Avenue; 3:30 p.m. at The Bop Shop, 1460 Monroe Avenue; and with a show, 8 p.m., at Photo City, 543 Atlantic Avenue.