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Album review: 'The Blood Bog'



"The Blood Bog"


It's really an easy procedure: pop the CD in the dash and mash the play button. Give a couple of critical spins, let fly with what you like about the album or not, and then let the world know. One thing however that makes my job a little harder is all this streaming and the releasing of singles. Where can a guy get an album-length recording out there? Themes and segues are being forsaken, but Rochester heavies Goron's new album, "The Blood Bog" offers a solution.

The band has a meager two songs on this fresh, new platter, but Goron, in pure doom metal form, clock in at 20 epic minutes of music. Goron grinds low and slow so you can appreciate what it's building and how. It's like a Sabbath 45 played at 33 rpm. The music has a definite and defiant dirge to it yet the vocals are clean-cut save for a salacious splash of reverb. The whole affair is a study in restraint as any minute you're waiting for the music to blow up in your face. It's like listening on pins and coffin nails.