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Album review: 'Sumus quod sumus'


Infrared Radiation Orchestra

'Sumus Quod Sumus'

Good To Go Records

You can't talk about Infrared Radiation Orchestra without mentioning Kim Draheim's encyclopedic knowledge of roots guitar and his precise sonic application of all that know-how. He is a wizard, but Draheim ain't a spotlight hog. On the band's new album, "Sumus Quod Sumus," Draheim moves over here and there and lets vibrant vocalist H. Elizabeth Alcott take over, which works well, especially with the Stooges-in-an-alternate-universe tune "I'm Not Your Dog."

The sound is full, thanks in large part to the bare-bones rock 'n' roll of the original compositions. There's no fluff or fat to be trimmed. This allows for the band to stretch its legs throughout, and for Draheim to wrap his fingers around the neck of his Mosrite guitar and squeeeeeeze. Draheim doesn't strum, he strangles. Infrared Radiation Orchestra will play a CD release show, free of charge, on Thursday, October 4, 6 p.m. at Record Archive, 33 1/3 Rockwood Street.