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ALBUM REVIEW: "Summertime State of Mind"


Amanda Lee Peers

"Summertime State of Mind"


She's parted ways with the Driftwood Sailors, and the Sailors' sound. Granted, Amanda Lee Peers' voice was a huge part of the groups haunting, sexified sound as it stood loud and proud just a few clicks north of the blues, but you couldn't always tell who was in charge. Was it Peers pulling the band, or the band pushing her? Well, it's all a whole lot clearer on Peers' new solo release, "Summertime State of Mind" — a percussively-driven six-song helping of sunshine. Lyrically she's anthemic and even a bit reactionary as she invites the listener to get down.  Throughout, her voice is that dusky sultry croon we've all grown to love. It's a voice that drives her message home — a voice this powerful can't possibly be made of anything but the truth.