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McFadden's Parachute


PeterFonda Records

McFadden's parachute is the psychedelic brain child of one Darren Brennessel whose catalogue in 1960's psych is downright epic. Equally impressive is his understanding and reverent interpretation of the genre. There are two ways to look at this music. One: as a sonic interpretation of a solid trip; or two: music by those on their own solid trip with a willingness to share. MP's new platter, "Sugar3" is a mind-bending dose of both. He has blended — as a one man band, incidentally — both schools with sonic precision. The album is playful with its sing-along acoustically-rooted songs, and the sonic rainbow gets tweaked to the max with the grind of the fuzzed out guitar. Newbies to this music may find it a bit harsh, but the seasoned cats will dig it the most. It borders on brilliance amidst its forays into the lo-fi.  Brennessel defines it as folk pop psychedelia but it's more than that. It is the sound of it all in a relaxed structure, buzz, and groove. Dig this solid trip.