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Casual Punks

I wouldn't necessarily call Rochester indie-rockers Pleistocene's new release, "Spear," a pop recording, but it has this sweet, undeniably magnetic catchability. The same irresistibility that was first found in the cracks between punk and new wave; cracks that the band fills with a thick, low-fi fuzz, a four-on-the-floor drive, sonic wash, and an endearing dissonance tempered by jangly hooks. But it still comes back to the pop, snap, and crackle and up-tempo drive and cheer.

Front woman and Pleistocene founder Katie Preston has a sweet voice that rings out on the more melodic side of monotone without coming off flat or sour, especially when juxtaposed with her guitar, with its reverberating minimalistic surf adventure. And in adherence to indie quirky fun and impish difficulty, "Spear" is a cassette-only (that's right, cassette) release with a full-digital release promised for later this summer. How you get it into your bloodline matters little. Just get it and dig when it goes "pop."