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ALBUM REVIEW: "Spaghetti Queen"



"Spaghetti Queen"

XTM Records

For those who like it loud, fast, and gritty this stuff never gets old. "Spaghetti Queen" is album number four for Rochester rockers Intrinsic. It's a little bit o' grunge a little bit o' punk, along with some Supersucker-style rock 'n' roll defiance. "Spaghetti Queen" is an all-around good 'un.

This 13 track rock 'n' roll show stars the guitar and the bass, which is slung like its six-string brother as it apes the guitar lines for added thrust and saturation. It's both sweet and brutal, like Jell-O with rocks in it. Vocally, the songs are held at a discernable — sometimes harmonized — yell, but could stand to be a little hotter in the mix. Everyone digs guitar, but it's also about having the words spit in your face, too.  Rhythmically the drums are a full-on four on the floor thunderstorm. The overall speed is intrinsically steady and sturdy. It won't break your neck, but it very well may put you in something orthopedic.