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Album review: 'Sound and Resound' by Lisa Albrecht


When a classical recital CD opens with the crunchy dissonances of 20th-century avant-garde composer Charles Ives, you can tell something different is in store. That’s the case with this disc of music for trombone and organ featuring Lisa Albrecht, second trombone of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. Ives’ “Processional” packs a lot of nobility into two minutes and 12 seconds, and variety is the keynote of the pieces that follow: chorales, variations, a Wagnerian tango (via Peter Schickele), and much more. The most impressive item, Alfred Schnittke’s stern “Schall und Hall (Sound and Resound),” suggests that on Judgement Day, we may hear the Last Trombone rather than the Last Trumpet.

The music on this album will likely be completely unfamiliar to non-trombonists, but it is all worth discovering. Albrecht is a virtuoso guide, sweet or stentorian as required, and her tone resounds splendidly throughout. Organist Amanda Mole and the Hohenfels Trombone Quartet provide first-class support.