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ALBUM REVIEW: "Snowbound"


Susanna Rose



Have you ever heard something so pretty, it hurt? Well, just try Susanna Rise's new release, "Snowbound." This haunting collection of tunes was penned during last year's epic winter of suck, where instead of raging at the weather or going stir crazy, Rose found inspiration and motivation while staying warm indoors. "Snowbound" is deep in its simplicity, voluminous on its subtlety, and drenched in an understated beauty. These are lonesome lullabies that call to mind Mazzy Star without the narcotic haze, or Chris Whitley without the impending doom.

Rose as the songwriter is at the fore front of this acoustically rooted affair, but it leaves room to plug in harmonic embellishments-o-plenty from her attentive band. I mean, just dig the lonesome down strokes of guitar in the background of "Old Broken Heart" or the string drama that colors the title track. But the true atmosphere is from Susanna Rose's voice: strong and beautiful with an enduring timbre and enchanting lilt. This album comes across deeply personal but leaves room for the listener's stories to mingle.