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ALBUM REVIEW: "Smoke Signals"


The Ginger Faye Bakers

"Smoke Signals"


"Smoke Signals," the new album from The Ginger Faye Bakers, rocks ready and steady like Sabbath on a Mersey beat jag. Guitars that seethe and jangle roar over the drums' classic rattle and beat. Influence slithers throughout in splinters and shards on cuts like "Evil Twins," which screams T-Rex. But beyond the nods and tribute remains the band and its willingness — and uncanny ability — to run the show itself.

This is Ginger Faye Baker music, despite what you think you hear amidst what is actually being played. The trio maintains its identity and individuality despite leaving the window open a crack on "Smoke Signals." This is album number dos for the Rochester band. It's fresh and exciting, though it doesn't depart from previous record "Feast." Sometimes fans want something new from a band, while others want more of the same. Frankly, as long as it's as well put together as it is here, I couldn't give a good goddamn.