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Album review: 'Sleepless EP'


Fleeting Frame

"Sleepless EP"


Rochester duo Fleeting Frame follows up its "Sleepless" single, released last November, with the corresponding EP. This is a great record of guitar-on-guitar play and harmonious introspection.

At first glance, it's apparent all five songs found on the EP are simple and could survive being played simply — thankfully, though, the duo chooses not to. The vocals are convincingly urgent and passionate. The harmonies are atypical and clever. But it's the guitars as they support one another by setting out from different perspectives that makes this duo — Dave and Holly Kluge — and this record so special. It's as if they took slightly wonky, obtuse jazz arrangements and straightened them out thematically but not in structure; it's like sugar-coating it in reverse.

Genre-wise it's hard to peg Fleeting Frames. It's too complex to be awarded a folk merit badge. It could be filed in the darker pop shelves where lyrical irony and six-string pleasantries touch upon multiple emotions without favoring just one. You won't have to dig deep to find an aspect you'll like.