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Album review: 'Simple Case of the Blues'


Rosie Flores

'Simple Case of the Blues'

The Last Music Company

So they're calling it a blues record, huh? Well I'm here to tell ya it's so much more. Rosie Flores' brand-new "Simple Case of the Blues" touches upon everything that makes us like the blues and love Flores. The epitome of it all - at least to my ragged ears - is the tune "Drive Drive Drive," with its lazy lope, gritty guitar and freight-train-harp-honk. You'll hit repeat on this one, fo sho.

The rest of the album has Flores flirting with rockabilly, swing, and boogie, as she sings in her sexy and seasoned contralto. It's all driven by the capable knob-twiddling of Charlie Sexton, Kenny Vaughan, and Dave Roe, who do nothing to curb Flores' enthusiasm.

When held up to the rest of her pantheon, "Simple Case of the Blues" covers all the bases and still sounds like a Flores party platter. There's still plenty of that sparkle-and-fizz bopping about the album, with Flores' rosy torch-and-glow.

Rosie Flores plays Saturday, February 16, 9 p.m. at Abilene Bar and Lounge, 153 Liberty Pole Way. $20-$25. 232-3230.