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Album review: 'Shep Treasure'


Shep Treasure

'Shep Treasure'


There's a warm glow that radiates from Shep Treasure's newly released, self-titled EP. It's the kind of warmth that you find in disquieting times. Maybe it's okay when things are not okay — when all that's left are ghosts of perceptions you once agonized over. All seven songs, written by Sabrina Nichols, are unsettling but somehow homey. Nichols is an established songwriter with a growing repertoire of bedroom-pop, going back to her time in the all-too-short-lived band, Slumbers.

More than just bedroom tapes, however, this is a full-band, full-of-sound EP. Jangly '90s guitar, melancholic vocal lines, and quick-witted lyrics fit snugly in a four-piece format. Everything about 'Shep Treasure' is done with heart and crystal-clear intention. It's honest and raw, but it's also damn fun to bop along to. This EP should be required listening for everyone's winter survival playlist.