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Album review: 'Rodeo Radio'


Mad Cow Tippers

"Rodeo Radio"


Mad Cow Tippers temper its rockabilly with hysterical misappropriation of the genre's traditions. The band's new album, "Rodeo Radio," opens with a spot-on Scotty Moore, slap-back lament over a song about addiction to cable TV before morphing into singing praises of Amazon's Kindle Fire. MCT will have you laughing beer out your nose.

The music is serious, but the lyrics are another story; just drop the needle randomly into "Rodeo Radio" and dig the yuks. Mad Cow Tippers is a world full of excessive beer consumption, Japanese Elvis impersonators, pork rinds, trailer trash, and — my personal favorite — shopping for all your homicide clean-up needs at Walmart.

Compared to when the band plays live, "Rodeo Radio" is a bit more subdued. Billy Hill's guitar is Gretsch-y, sweet, and twangy, except when he unleashes the demon on "Trailer Trashy Tina" — another track I dug deeply. "Rodeo Radio" is tons of grown-up fun with just a twist of twisted. It might be smart to keep some napkins handy.