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Album review: 'Rand I Pronounced Rand-Eye'


Bob Bunce's Rural Delivery

"Rand I Pronounced Rand-Eye"


Being a musician means immortality, even if you no longer walk this Earth. Groveland's off-the-grid cat, Bob Bunce, recently suffered the loss of his brother, Randy. And while resting up from a shoulder injury last winter, he started going through his brother's journals full of poems and song lyrics, which had never been realized. Bunce worked up an album's worth of tunes and brought them to his band, Rural Delivery, and they hammered out 10 songs, giving each track a kind of folky, Americana lope.

All the lyrics on "Rand I Pronounced Rand-Eye" are by Randy, and his brother arranged all the music in a sort of posthumous collaboration. "I did all the music arranging with his vibe in mind," Bob Bunce says. Musically, the album is textbook Rural Delivery, save for the electronic madness on the Captain-Beefheart-in-space song "Spirits Lifted" and on the aptly titled "So Let's Rock," where Bunce turns it up and lets the guitar out of the chorale. A fitting tribute and testimony any musician would be proud of.