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Album review: 'Radio Silence'


The Squires of the Subterrain

'Radio Silence'

Rocket Racket Records

Here's another analogue nugget from the Squire's subterranean lair in the bowels of the South Wedge. However, expect a few surprises on "Radio Silence": the track "House of Ghosts," in all its rag-tag, Tin Pan Alley glory; and "Another Ghost (in the House)," with its loping swing. "Tequila and Gin" waxes Waits, without the guttural wail. Though the Squire typically works alone, the sideman contributions from The Bradley Brothers, Ken Frank, and Phil Marshall add a pervading cool that doesn't burn off until long after the needle hits the label. Perhaps we could talk the Squire and his crew into, oh I don't know, perhaps putting on a show? Now that would be some splendiferous radio gaga. Ya dig?