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ALBUM REVIEW: "Press Enter"


Romain Collin

"Press Enter"

ACT Music

While touring with Wayne Shorter, pianist Romain Collin not only acquired a strong philosophy of life, he also got a future album title. One day, Shorter was discussing various friends who had great ambitions but never acted on them. Finally, he looked at Collin and said, "Press enter." Collin seems to have done just that with his wonderful new album. He plays the piano with a refreshing sense of abandon reminiscent of Brad Mehldau. Some of his more heraldic playing recalls Keith Jarrett.

Collin is not out to prove he can cram the most notes into a solo; he just does what works for the tune, whether it's simple chords or complex harmonies. Cuts like "The Kids" contain an ample supply of both. Tunes like "San Luis Obispo" are simply gorgeous. One somewhat experimental track, "Event Horizon," contains the voices of wrongly convicted men who were released from prison through DNA testing. Collin's excellent supporting players include Luques Curtis on bass; Kendrick Scott, drums; Mino Cinelu, percussion; Megan Rose, vocals; Jean-Michel Pilc, whistles; Grey McMurray, guitar; and Laura Metcalf cello.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This review has been updated to correct an error. This is not Romain Collin's debut album.