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Album review: 'The Isotopes Play Surf Music'


The Isotopes

"Play Surf Music"


"The Isotopes Play Surf Music" isn't just another Isotopes record. Well, it is ... it just seems this Rochester surf band has finally hit its stride with all 16 tracks showing up with something catchy and truly Isotope-y. It would seem The Isotopes have developed a signature sound at last.

The addition of horns delivers a nice punch to tunes like "Sexpionage." And since there aren't words, the titles give hints and context throughout. After you've read the titles — like "Jolly Rancheros," "Nocturnal Transmission," and "Pearl Harbor Necklace" — you'll know what to think about as you shake a tail feather.

What sets the members of the 'Topes apart on this record, or any other one of their recordings for that matter, is these guys aren't purists, thankfully, and attack the music with guts akin to some of the players' heavier backgrounds. There are hooks aplenty throughout "The Isotopes Play Surf Music," and producer Doug White does an excellent job keeping the band on track. Just in time for the two weeks we call summer.