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ALBUM REVIEW: "Pink Elephant"


Pink Elephant

"Pink Elephant"


Rochester heavy quartet, Pink Elephant is a forward thinking band with one eye in the rear-view mirror. On its self-titled album, the band is gloriously ensconced in the big 90's sound of big drums, big guitar, big anthems, but is clearly not happy in being just a re-hash. Recorded in Syracuse at More Sound Studios in early 2014, "Pink Elephant" reaches back to that sound and era to give it the goose its purveyors neglected the first time around. Yes, there are the big guitars, but it's not as glossy or steeped in glitz or drama. The guitars grind plenty and the beat keeps up a thundering dirge, but there's still rooms for the screaming whisper of dynamics and tension. It's angry, loud and beautiful. Fans of the heavy, but not the metal, will love this band. You have to acknowledge the Pink Elephant in the room. It rocks.