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ALBUM REVIEW: "Out To Lunch"


Jon Lewis

"Out To Lunch"


Following hot on the heels of his most excellent record, "Panic Rock," Rochester rocker Jon Lewis is back in with more thoughtful, guitar-infused introspection. Now, let me be the first one not to call Lewis a brainiac, but this clever cat's sound is smart on the parade that is "Out To Lunch." It's a big, loping march toward lyrical redemption, all couched in thick, tonally aces guitar work.

Weezer almost comes to mind when looking for a comparison, except for the fact that Mr. Lewis doesn't hide behind the music's irony or let it cover up his smirk and the tongue-in-cheek behind it. And with the music straddling experimentation and atmosphere, his voice is a study in sincerity and nonchalance. It's just enough medicine for what ails ya: six rockin' tunes with pervading melancholy and pop rock hooks that prevent things from being just about the dance. This is one beautiful lacquer cracker.