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Album review: 'One Time..'


Papa Herb and The Sol Vibration

'One Time'


You might as well give into where Herb "Papa Herb" Heins is gonna take you with his new album with The Sol Vibration, "One Time.." It's hard to keep it cohesive and not repeat yourself, but Heins offers eleven tracks with variety and some serious shake. He also lays heavily into his guitar, and is no slouch when it comes to belting out searing vocals with a hint of ragged sorrow. And as a band leader, Heins knows when to lead and when to get out of the way and give plenty of room to The Sol Vibration.

From the first track, you're caught up in a mellow-down mood, thanks in part to the ultra-chill soul of guest vocalist Chris "Hollywood" English — one of many contributors to the album. On "Lucky Fool," the sound bathes in Studio One-esque horns, while the spinal slip of "Ode to Ade," allows the horns to stretch out and pulverize. Big up.