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"On The Bus"


Hip-hop with real instruments is so much cooler, don't you think? That's not to decry the talents of turntablists in the world, but guitars, bass, and drums makes it more real to me. Now Subsoil is about as real as it gets — but it uses turntables, however. They are paired up with the organic tools as well. And the merging of the two totally works on the group's new CD, "On the Bus." I mean, what could cut the deep shag of the title track like the piano does?

Vocal duties are shared and don't include baffling the listener as their mantra but rather serving the song. This includes melodic breakdowns into singing — not just the band's luxurious lyricism. Further left turns are the permeating classic soul rearing its head, along with the descent into rock and rage and the intentionally arranged room for live exploration. If you ask me, Subsoil is more than just hip-hop. Get on the bus and groove with 'em.