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Sam Snyder



I honestly think all the chin music and finger-pointing at guitarist Sam "Overhand Sam" Snyder's unorthodox, over the top guitar attack gets in the way of his true talent as an insightful, gifted artist. I mean, you drop the needle into his four-song platter, "OHS," and you don't see what he's doing. What you do see is the melancholy sepia of the imagery his compositions conjure. It's controlled chaos that never raises its voice despite the tension it releases. Snyder jams gears smoothly, fleshing out strains from the narcotically lonesome to the ethereal and epic. This young man's paws are all over this project as he commandeers, guitar, bass (played with mittens), and keyboards adding to the sexy, sleepy soundscape. This record will get you laid. Why do you think he titled it OHS?