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ALBUM REVIEW: "Nothing Needs to Happen"



Secret Pizza

"Nothing Needs to Happen"


Within the first minute or so of the opening track on "Nothing Needs to Happen," Secret Pizza's debut full-length album, you get a hint that this record is going to be something different. From the snarly guitar riff to the male-female vocal interplay, this record — and yes, it's being released on vinyl — is a thoughtful eight-song collection from a darn good band.

Secret Pizza doesn't meander around too long searching for a musical identity on "Nothing Needs to Happen." The band locks in and lets the tunes flow — and a few, like "Oh My My," are just baptized in cool. Guitarist Phil Shaw and drummer Giana Caliolo share the microphone duties while the quartet creates a sweet garage-punk and shoegaze experience. If the band wonders what it should do next, I say keep it steady; "Nothing Needs to Happen" shows what Secret Pizza can become. This is a sharp indie rock album, created by a group that wants to do things the right way. — BY ROMAN DIVEZUR

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