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ALBUM REVIEW: "Not so Long Songs of Longing"



Passive Aggressives Anonymous

"Not so Long Songs of Longing"


I can't tell you how refreshing it is to find out that deconstruction and introspection don't necessarily equate to self-flagellation and shoegaze. Rochester quartet Passive Aggressives Anonymous plays deceptively simple and all the way brilliant tunes on its new EP, "Not so Long Songs of Longing." In its relative ease and playful irony, the band manages to swirl epic — grandiose, even. Stripped down certainly doesn't always mean that a project lacks depth and substance, and that listening has to be a labor. The five songs included on "Not so Long Songs of Longing" are exquisite little vignettes — like Lloyd Cole without the orchestration — that'll catch you by surprise, even once they've become old friends. This has "favorite" written all over it.

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