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Album review: 'Nod'





Nod's first release way back in 1992, simply titled "Nod," is a got-damn classic of delirious dissonance. And it's now available on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Catching Nod live is a bit of a gamble: You don't know whether you'll catch the genius of Scrappy Joe (guitar, vocals), Tim Poland (bass), and Brian Shafer (drums), or a band on a bad day. Sometimes, it's a little bit of both.

It's the same for the band's recorded output. You roll the dice and drop the needle and dig the vibe of one of this city's greatest bands. Or at the very least, you can freak out your neighbors. The songs, like the Iggy Pop-infused "Summertime" or the driving, disjointed "We Didn't Meet," however, are brilliant and withstand the quasi-sabotage that Nod employs.