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Herb Heins

"New For You"


On his fresh new CD, "New For You," Rochester rocker Herb Heins offers up an interesting juxtaposition with his guitar's non-stop rhythmic cabaret as it chops, bops, bucks, and careens beneath his strident singing style. That's not to say that his lyrics aren't borne of a spirited delivery, rather, it just seems that Heins doesn't feel the need to push or force feed. And he doesn't have to. They'll sink into all souls present one way or another and in due time. It's this casual confidence that reigns throughout this release. Though pared up with an acoustic guitar, Heins is perhaps better known as an electric player. The intensity found in all of the album's 13 tracks indicates an electricity crackling beneath; an electricity that needs no plug to be felt; an electricity that thankfully helps separate Heins from the dour moan frequently found in the singer-songwriter set. Listen and you'll feel it, too. It's new for you, after all.