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Album review: 'New City Slang'


New City Slang

"New City Slang"


This is what you get when you put a great band and even greater material in the same room together and hit "record." Relatively young (established in 2013) Rochester band New City Slang's eponymous album is a sloppy — the good kind of sloppy — sleazy, 12-song collection of guitar-driven slash, bang, and twang.

You need to listen to this record front to back, and take it in as a whole body of work. Because then, you'll have surprise moments, like the Heartbreakers-esque bop on "Johnny Johnny." The song serves as a pleasant warm-up to the poppy cut "Cross The Line," which might strike you as a Replacements send-up. The same goes for the next track, "Frankie Lane."

It's all this familiarity within the confines of the context that'll draw you in and launch you toward the fierce originality that keeps your attention. New City Slang may dig the view in the rearview, but this album is happening today.

New City Slang will play a release show on Friday, September 29, at Photo City Improv, 543 Atlantic Avenue. 9 p.m. $5.