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Album review: 'Modern Sounds in Rockabilly Blues, Vol. 1 & 2'


The Manda-Tones

'Modern Sounds in Rockabilly Blues, Vol. 1 & 2'


If you're looking to up the size of your jumpin' and pumpin' record collection, you can call the search off and wrap your sticky mitts around The Manda-Tones' "Modern Sounds in Rockabilly Blues, Vol. 1 & 2." This is a big collection — 50 boss cuts in all, covering the many facets of rockabilly's signature slap and tickle. The instrumentation is minimal to say the least, with PJ Tone playing guitar and Amanda Louisiana slappin' bass across the face. The attitude is fierce.

Because of the sheer number of all these pretty songs, the rawness makes the collection feel like a demo. It's unfair to pick favorites, but "Peaches & Cream" will send you solid through the roof. There's also, the Benny Goodman-inspired "King of Swing," complete with swizzlin' licorice stick on the breaks.