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Album review: 'Mixed Messages'


Bob Bunce and Rural Delivery

'Mixed Messages'

Mr. Big Tune Records

I've always enjoyed Bob Bunce's music, and I salute the off-the-grid defiance flag he flies. He's an affable dude with no pretense or animosity. But on his new CD with Rural Delivery, "Mixed Messages," he's copped a bit of a sinister slant. I like it; yes, I do. I'm not saying he's mean, but he has a coolness that few achieve or possess. His vocal treatment on the album's opening track "How Did We Get Here?" is ominous in its gruff resolve. The same could be said about the tune "Aspirin and Whiskey." "Mixed Messages" offers some fun as well, like the cut "Zero," with its strong Tex-Mex aroma. Bunce is also a terrific band leader, and he gives it a rest while vocalist Rita Coulter takes the wheel. You could call the music on "Mixed Messages" country or roots; either one will get you going in the same direction Bob Bunce and Rural Delivery is headed. This is a good one.